Barely Jargon

by Andrew Gurney

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this is short project began as a creative exercise I was working on around 4 AM on January 26, 2015. I really enjoyed the process and final result, and I thought it stood well enough on it's own to share.


released January 29, 2015

bass guitar and vocals -



all rights reserved


Andrew Gurney Saint Louis

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Track Name: 268.4 (eastbound)
reason to believe could not just be enough.
you turn around and the sun was up,
but you just couldn't see.
dusk has purple life to your tendencies.

eastbound to a hill of old,
no life to breath.
chosen by the dirt we crush, without eyes.
Track Name: Overpass 122
overpass 122,
in that clearing near the poles.
wooden rods into the stars, over.

all these thoughts your family wouldn't like to hear.
next to everything, nothingness couldn't be so bad.

insulated meaning to the life that couldn't dance.
isolated gleaming to the one who couldn't ask.
Track Name: Paperwork
underneath the stairwell where you keep your records dry
cobwebs eat away and now I'll know you always lie.

if I could look up under 3A where will I go?
if I find it, I surely hope it wouldn't be
all that I would know about you.
all I know about you.
Track Name: Scrub Away
with all I've seen being swept away,
it's all over now,
like that dust in your nails.
scrub away